Nutrition Fact Labels Not Proving Beneficial

Each day, grocery and convenience stores are inundated with consumers purchasing fatty consumer food products. With the U.S. Food and Drug Administration‘s requirement that all consumer food products reflect a more detailed Nutrition Fact label, American consumers are now provided with a more educated shopping experiencein an effort to consume more healthy foods.

Nutrition Fact labels

However, this change in Nutrition Fact Labels has not proven, thus far, to reduce the statistics on American cardiovascular complications nor obesity.

  • With the FDA’s approval of changes in Nutrition Fact labels, consumers are now provided with a more detailed analysis of the nutritional basis in consumer food products.
  • One of the most significant changes is the requirement that consumer food products now reflect the level of fat, both saturated and unsaturated, found in the food product in addition to information regarding the level of trans fats found in the consumer food product.
  • Through the added, detailed Nutrition Fact label, on consumer food products, the American consumer is now provided with more information to aide in the educated purchase of fatty food products.

Through a detailed analysis of fat content, consumers are equipeed with the tools to choose products which are low in saturated fats and trans fats and, therefore, leading to a decreased risk in cardiovascular complications over the longterm health projection.

Nutritional Information for Single Servings

In addition to the FDA required changes to Nutrition Fact labels, many food manufacturers have announced an addition change in which the consumer food labeling will include not only the nutritional information for the entire package of food, but also the nutritional information for single servings.

In doing so, these consumer food manufacturers are providing one additional tool to educate the American consumer in the nutritional content, or make up, of the product to be purchased, again, offering a new twist to the fight against obesity and cardiovascular disease.

While many American consumers are working towards a new health approach to diet and exercise, statistics show, unfortunately, few actually read Nutrition Fact labels on consumer products.

Even when read, many American consumers acknowledge the nutritional make up of the food selection but, more often than not, consume the poor food choices anyway.

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The Health of the General American Population

With the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s push to regulate the change to the Nutrition Fact labels in 2006, there was an anticipation the health of the general American population would improve through a more healthy food choice option. However, research thus far does not support this finding.

As a consumer of fatty consumer food products, when shopping in a grocery store or convenience store, stop for a moment and browse the variety of Nutrition Fact labels of the consumer food products.

By taking a moment to examine the differences in the consumer food selections, purchasing a more health alternative may be viable. The few extra minutes to examine Nutrition Fact lables may prove to decrease the risk of cardiovascular complications, and reduce the risk for obesity, without sacrificing flavor and taste.

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