Tired of Cooking the Same Old Foods? Tips for Your Next Grocery Store Visit

If you are getting ready to begin your grocery list, well, I understand your pain. Making that grocery list, week in and week out gets tiring; and if nothing else, we want to eat, so we sit down and make out the list once again.
Do you eat the same thing, every week, and want new ideas of what to cook and how to fix it?

Well, if your answer is yes, we are in the same boat. Yes, this article gives new ideas, but then you have to take those ideas and put them to the meals you fix. Why, you ask?

If you are like me, there are certain meals we love to eat; even if they aren’t particularly healthy. What we did was take those favorite meals, and just make them healthier. Believe me; it does take getting used to. But on the plus side, it means you don’t have to get rid of all those usual meals you like to fix on a quick night.

And I found having to create all new recipes, can get expensive and tiring.

Take What you Have Meals

By this, I mean, start with what you have in your pantry. Often times, if you will look to see what you have, coming up with recipes is a lot easier. So if you have rice, then adding a veggie and meat to it sounds a lot easier than having to come up with the whole meal from that.

A few ideas:

  1. Do you have canned or frozen veggies? This makes great side dishes.
  2. Do you have Rice? You can make side dish or Mexican rice from this.
  3. Do you have tomato sauce, kidney beans, and chili hot beans? Chili!
  4. Keep your pantry full; this will help you when you sit down to make your grocery list.

Salad, Salad and more Salad

Salad is a not only a quick meal, but since you are heading to the grocery store, you can by a ready made salad that is ready to eat. On Grocery Store days, I love picking up things that are already finished. Makes cooking on those nights easy.

Try out the rotisserie chicken from the deli; use the meat as a main dish or cut up the meat and add to your ready made salad. Yummo!

For faster and easier cooking salads, use the best Vitamix blender.

Old and New Recipes

If you have a favorite idea, try kicking it up a notch, and go healthy. If you love Mexican, try replacing the hamburger with turkey or chicken. Or better yet, buy the bulk chicken, only pull out a couple pieces; defrost in the microwave, and you have a ready meal quick.

Sometimes it helps to rummage through your old cook books. You never know what recipes you will find. Sometimes you will find good earthy recipes that you will be making on a weekly basis. Try out your new recipes on the weekend when you have more time.

Keep a logs of Meals to Fix

I keep a magnet note pad on my refrigerator at all times. On here, I make a note of all the meals I am going to fix that week. Whether it is a leftover night, or pasta; this is where I make note. If I don’t, well, it is all too easy after a long day of work to forget what foods I bought.

By having it on the fridge, all I have to do is look at the day, to see what is to be fixed that night. Of course, you can mix and match. Sometimes things happen, and you need a quicker meal. By having your meals on the fridge, this is a great reminder. Let’s be honest, all we want to do when we get home is to relax.

Not try to remember what foods we bought, to then remember what to fix. Let’s make life as simple as possible.

Keep your Freezer Stocked

One of my favorite things to do is keep things in the freezer for any given night. Let’s face it, we all have some nights where we want do not want to cook. And on those nights, if we keep a well stocked freezer, all we have to do is whip out something from the freezer and our meal is done. This makes life easier for sure.

Things to keep on hand, and yes, not all of these are healthy:

  • Frozen Pizzas-keep a variety as everyone likes something different.
  • Frozen veggies-this is great for those nights when you need a quick but healthy side dish.
  • Frozen pasta-what better way to make pasta night? Whip out your pasta and have a fun pasta night in minutes.

The key is to take your normal foods/menu and just add a little something special to the menu. Add green beans when you normally only add rice. Add ice cream when you usually wouldn’t have a dessert. Make it low fat if you are watching those caleries.

Keep those staples on hand to help you serve something easy, in the pantry, but will go great with the menu. If you keep the pantry loaded, going to the grocery store will become easier and easier. And the end result, is making a grocery list will become easier than ever.

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